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ForensicLing.com is a central resource where researchers can access a wide range of publicly available forensic linguistic data. As the field of forensic linguistics continues to grow, the need for accessible data is essential, especially data that are difficult to acquire from private genres such as police transcripts, confession statements, bribery calls, and threatening communications, to name just a few. In collecting these data in a central, freely accessible location, we hope to further the field’s scientific inquiry, promote transparency, and encourage replicability in forensic linguistic research.



This page is especially helpful for researchers looking to perform qualitative analyses on:

1. a particular discourse type

(e.g., emergency calls)

2. a particular case type

(e.g., a bribery case) 

3. a specific case

(e.g., the BTK serial killer documents)


This page is especially helpful for researchers looking to perform quantitative analyses of particular kinds of language evidence on:

1. public and corpus-ready collections

(e.g., the Threatening English Language (TEL) corpus)

2. public and corpus-preparation required collections

(e.g., the school shooter database) 

3. private and permission-to-access required collections

(e.g., the Ted Kaczynski archive)

4. other FL data repositories

(e.g., Aston University's FoLD repository)


All data listed on this site must be attributed to their original source. Individual users are responsible for appropriate citing. For up-to-date citing conventions, see the most recent APA style guide or the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL). To cite this website, please use the following, including the date visited: ​

Gales, T. and Wing, D. (2021). 

Forensic Linguistic Data and Resources

https://www.forensicling.com/ (Visited on DATE).


We welcome additional contributions of data via the submission form on the Contribute Data page. As of now, the data are primarily from North America and in American English. We hope to expand this in the future. We thank you, as researchers of legal and forensic contexts, for your contributions and for your dedication to furthering the scientific inquiry, transparency, and replicability of forensic linguistic research!


The data provided via this site have been compiled from many researchers and third-party sources. Data may contain actions, words, or images that may be offensive and/or emotionally disturbing. Data may not be suitable for all ages. Please use discretion when viewing, researching, or sharing the data. Note that offensive materials contained here do not reflect the beliefs, positions, opinions, or policies held by the creators of ForensicLing.com. All data must be attributed to their original source and research must be handled in a manner respectful to those involved in the cases.