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Tammy Gales

Associate Professor of Linguistics

Hofstra University 

New York

Tammy Gales is an Associate Professor of Linguistics and the Director of Research at the Institute for Forensic Linguistics, Threat Assessment, and Strategic Analysis at Hofstra University, New York. She currently serves on the Executive Committee for the International Association of Forensic Linguists and is the co-editor of the new Elements in Forensic Linguistics Series from Cambridge University Press. Her primary research integrates corpus and discourse analytic methods to examine authorial stance in threatening communications and other forensic contexts. Her other line of research applies corpus linguistic methods to the interpretation of meaning in legal statutes and to disputed meanings in trademark cases. She has trained law enforcement agents from agencies across Canada and the U.S. and has consulted on both criminal and civil cases including those related to trademark disputes, questioned confession statements, plagiarism, and pragmatic interpretations of threatening, bribery, and other language crimes. See her personal site for more information.

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Dakota Wing

PhD Candidate

Linguistics & Applied Linguistics  

York University

Dakota Wing is a Ph.D. Candidate in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at York University in Toronto, Canada, and holds an M.A. in Forensic Linguistics from Hofstra University. His current research focuses on police discourse and he has applied discourse analysis methodologies to the discourse of school shooters, extremist propaganda and online radicalized communities, police interviews, and redacted language evidence. He regularly consults privately on criminal, civil, and investigative cases involving language evidence, and has worked with the Forensic Linguistics Capital Case Innocence Project and with the Institute for Forensic Linguistics, Threat Assessment, and Strategic Analysis at Hofstra University. See his personal site for more information.


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